Financial Software Company for Sale:

A patented system built for advisors to help their clients in managing debt, budgeting, retirement planning and more with optional hands-on guidance from the system and advisor. The Patent provides protection for an investment in a system that gives a clear path to building a large business with IP protections that would be difficult to duplicate.

The system utilizes formulas, methods, techniques and support that help rid users of their debt lightning fast. Users shave years off their debt, save loads of interest, and their credit will improve – all without increasing their monthly outlay. The software has helped thousands pay for college, retire comfortably, gain a sense of control over their finances, save millions (if not billions) of dollars in debt payments and enjoy the peace of mind we all deserve.

The company capitalizes on a virtually untapped market. Contrary to popular belief, many people with debt also have assets, 401k’s and other accounts. Clients on an accelerated path to debt freedom, feel more secure and confident and you will win the trust of these clients in a way no other financial products deliver resulting in Client longevity, retention and increased sales.  

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